About Us

Le Comfie Turkish Cotton Towels


I love Turkish towels!

I love their various designs, thousands of colors, the way they liven up a room but most of all I love the feeling of their 100% organic Turkish cotton on my skin!

Whenever I travelled to Turkey I always bought Turkish towels as gifts for my family and friends. This was my way of sharing these beautiful products with those I love. It was through this, that the idea of Le Comfie was born, and it is my way of sharing Turkish towels with you.

Our store stocks a carefully curated range of Turkish towels selected from artisans in Turkey. When you purchase our towels, you not only support a small business but an entire village of craftsmen, weavers, designers, photographers and families.

Our goal at Le Comfie, is to ensure that you too have a chance to experience this age old luxury in the comfort of your home or whilst on your many adventures!

Please feel free to get in touch with us, to share your thoughts or experiences, or simply to say hi through our contact page or via email info@lecomfie.com